What is your reaction when I say the words ‘self-love?’ Do you roll your eyes? Get all uncomfortable? Or give yourself a high five! Self-love has been a tough one for me since I can remember. Over the last few years and even more so, over the last few months, I have really discovered what it means for me. Thanks to total and complete honesty with myself, thanks to amazing people in my life, thanks to pulling my head out of my ass and thanks to regular self-development – I have discovered self-love. 
It means forgiving myself, it means loving my husband without holding any of myself back, it means putting myself out there and building strong relationships with other amazing women, it means complete trust, it means taking care of my physical and mental health, it means being selfish sometimes and knowing that it’s okay to do that, it means not letting fear have power over me and having faith in myself and my abilities and so much more.
I challenge all of you to get over any negative reactions to self-love that you might have because that probably means that you indeed need to work on loving yourself more. Instead, embrace whoever you are and all of your awesomeness because when you really do that and do it every single day – amazing things will happen, doors will open, relationships will get stronger, you will be more successful and when those shitty things that inevitably happen that try to throw us off our game, you’ll be able to handle it better and move on more quickly because you will realize that the ONLY ONE holding you back is YOU.