Holy cow! 25 days, 5 states and 7 cities! What an epic trip we had visiting friends and family! We started out in Sarasota, FL to see Jeremy’s brother and girlfriend and had a great time at a beautiful white sand beach, at a major league baseball game, dinners out and enjoying time with my bestie while Jeremy spent time with his brother.
Next we flew to Texas to see my sister and the Coover Farm! What a beautiful place my sister has! It was fun spending time with our four nieces, their chickens, new baby chicks, dogs and pet spider. Well, the pet spider wasn’t so much fun, but I did spend a lot of time checking on it h HAHA!
After Texas we spend a few days in Denver, CO for work and then drove up to the Western Slope to spend time with my mom and stepdad. We went on a few hikes with them and spent time with family. We were so excited to hit Colorado since this is where we lived before Puerto Rico and we really miss the mountains.

From here we drove to Idaho to visit Jeremy’s parents and while in town we got in a few more hikes, checked out McCall, ID and enjoyed hanging out with family.

Then we drove to Sumpter, OR, my favorite childhood spot, to visit my stepmom and dad. We got in more hikes (like I said we miss the mountains!), fishing and exploring the mountains on the quads. It was a great time!

At this point we had just a few days left of our trip and boy did it go by fast! Because of my extra income with Beachbody we were able to FINALLY visit Bend, OR! We had been wanting to do this for a few years now so we were really excited. We had just a few days here so we spent time exploring the town, paddle boarding the Deschutes River and hiked around up in the mountains. We absolutely fell in love with Bend, OR and have decided to spend more time there! Our long-term errr short-term!!! goal is to spend the summers in Bend and the winters in Rincon, PR.

Like I always say – set your goals high because the only thing that will hold you back is YOU! We are really excited to work hard over the next several months to make this happen starting next summer.

We had a wonderful trip seeing friends and family and while it went by way too fast, it was really wonderful getting home to our girls and normal life.