I absolutely love this quote from Maya Angelou. The power of giving in any form is so amazing and you never know how you might impact another life. You may give someone the breath of fresh air they needed that day, you may inspire others to give, and you may even save a life.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about giving back as we’ve been so very blessed. I don’t think giving back has to mean anything specific. It just means that you’re sharing yourself in some way whether that be financially or by sharing your knowledge or your time – all of which are valuable in this world.


In the past we’ve given by sharing resources from our marketing business. We’ve done that by building free websites for non-profits or by doing projects for free. While we will continue to do that I want to share more as a result of the blessings I’ve received from becoming a Beachbody Coach.


I’ll be honest, it’s kind of scary to commit to something monetary because at this point in our lives we still live within a tight budget but I think regardless of what we earn, we are blessed and we can always make room for giving. I’ve decided that each month I’ll give back 10% of this income in some way to animal welfare. You all know how much I love our girls and dogs in general!


So for the month of October, I’ll be giving back 10% by purchasing dog food for a local shelter here in Puerto Rico. I’m really excited about doing this because as a result of big goals for myself, I have big goals to give back to animal welfare too. Right now dog food may not seem like a whole lot but it feels really good and I hope to share more in the future. You never know, maybe with hard work, sometime down the road we can sponsor a vaccination clinic or spay/neuter clinic – wouldn’t that be awesome?!


I’d love to hear how you all give back too! How do you share your own blessings? Do you have a favorite organization that you support?