Cybill is the second dog we’ve ever fostered and boy did she win us over quick! We picked her up from Miriam, President of ARF of Rincon and she was very shy at first. We found out that she was about 8 months old and had spent those 8 months on a 3 foot chain on someone’s roof! She hadn’t had hardly any human interaction and didn’t really know how to play with toys.


We took her home and she was immediately welcomed by Jade our sato, who was a little overwhelming for her at first. It was pretty crazy how much Jade and Cybill were alike in personality and appearance. Lucy, as usual, was her grumpy self but still wanted to play and referee while Cybill and Jade wrestled. Within a day you wouldn’t have guessed that Cybill had such a rough start.


Cybill became very outgoing, loved to play fetch, snuggle and became my shadow almost immediately. It was funny because I couldn’t walk anywhere without her trotting in front and glancing back every second just to be sure I was still there.


CybillWhile we only fostered her for a little over a week before she flew to Vermont to find her forever home, we fell in love with her marbled eyes and sweet personality. It was so hard to let her go but Jeremy keeps reminding me that she’ll find a good home and she is going where there are mountains! (We still really miss the mountains, haha.)


Jade was really sad to see her go as well, she’s been moping around the house since she left but tomorrow we’ll take them to the beach to swim and hopefully she’ll feel better.


ARF of Rincon is a really amazing animal rescue here in Rincon, PR and they have done SO MANY good things for animal welfare here. To follow them on Facebook click here. They run solely on donations for spaying, neutering, vet bills and flying abandoned puppies and adult dogs to the states for forever homes, so if you can, please consider making a donation to their cause by clicking here. If anything share their page and spread the word about this awesome rescue. Thank you!