I have exciting news to share with you all – this week I gave myself a promotion! How awesome is that!?!?! Monday will be my first day as a FULL-TIME Health and Fitness Coach and Business Mentor! While Jeremy will be transitioning our marketing business into his own full-time venture. YAY US!!!!

Just six months ago I was a different person – I was frustrated with myself and my weight and looking for something I’d never tried before and I found it by becoming a coach. I first joined Beachbody as a coach for the discount on products and to force accountability on myself because I knew that to be a good coach I needed to also take care of my own personal health and fitness. I knew I didn’t have to be perfectly fit to coach, but I wanted to show that I was trying and that I take health and fitness very seriously.


Neither of us expected that in just six months we’d be growing two businesses, all while working from home, on our own schedules and with no boss! BOOM! If you had told me just two years ago that this would be my life, I’d say you were insane.


I get to wake up each day next to my husband and furkids, we workout, watch the girls play in the yard, look out at our beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea while we drink our super food shakes, work in our office that looks out to coconut, breadfruit and avocado trees, take breaks to play with the dogs or go the beach, stop work when we want to, or work as long as we want to (we really love our jobs!) and then just enjoy each other.


We can take time off when we want, lay in the hammock and listen to music when we want or work extra if we want. This is designing your life! It’s really not as crazy as it seems – ANYONE can do this. I’m not saying just as a health and fitness coach but ANYONE can find a passion for something, work hard, stay dedicated and with patience, that passion can become a career – a way of life.


Unfortunately most people lack the confidence or belief that they themselves could be in control and design a life they want. I was that person, I thought ‘I am going to spend the rest of my life struggling paycheck to paycheck, never travelling or doing things we enjoy, I’m always going to be overweight, I’m never going to be in control of my destiny. People that live in abundance just got lucky somehow or had it easy.’ Those thoughts are negative, toxic, SO NOT TRUE and full of excuses!


Living a life by design takes two things, there is NO magic formula, there isn’t something that someone else has that you don’t, and we ALL have the ability to do it. Ready for it?

  1. DISCIPLINE to do the small things each and EVERY day that are easy to do, but also just as easy not to do, that will build a better tomorrow for you and your family. What are those small things? For me, it’s getting up a little earlier each day, it’s working out each day, it’s eating clean each day, it’s getting in front of my computer and helping others do the same EACH DAY. Easy to do right? Also easy to make excuses and say I’ll do it tomorrow, or Monday or when the time feels right – news flash – the time will NEVER be right, there is always something aka excuses that YOU allow to hold YOU back.
  2. PATIENCE to see it through in the long-term and wait for all that dedication to turn into your big dreams.

That’s it guys. With some discipline and patience you guys could do anything. If I can do this ANYONE can. I absolutely am thrilled to see what the future brings for Jeremy and I. I am excited to have the opportunity to support my challengers even more, to mentor my coaches even more, I’m excited to make huge goals for myself and see myself accomplish them. I’m just freaking excited about life and sharing an opportunity with other people that can make them excited about life too.