Let’s be real here – ‘diet’ is a dirty four letter word and you should remove it from your vocabulary – I HATE that word and it just isn’t as fun as those other four letter words I like to use now and then.


Forewarning, this is a longer blog post, but sometimes that’s necessary right?


So let’s talk about this for a second, one definition of the word diet is ‘the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.”  I wish that definition were the only reference for this word. Unfortunately, it’s been twisted into this idea that the only way we’re going to be healthy and lose weight is by restricting ourselves and over exercising ourselves to the point that we’re miserable, hating life, hallucinating about food and within one day, or maybe you last a few weeks, you’re back to your old habits. This means you’ve gained back any weight you lost and more than likely, a few extra.


STOP THE DAMN DIETING! PLEASE for the love of all that is fill in the blank. Stop spending your precious time, energy and money on quick fixes that will get you absolutely no where! Trust me, I’ve been there. In 2013 I went in to the doctor for an annual physical and they ran some labs. A week later I get called to come back into the doctor because I am on my way to kidney failure! At this time I was a healthy 30 year old and the doctor told me that my kidneys were functioning like a 90 year old woman. Talk about scary!


You want to know why? Well it turns out those thermogenics I was taking to lose weight faster and to give me energy + a 2 week program of DIET supplements that I bought at GNC were destroying my kidney function. And this wasn’t the only instance in which I was using products like that. The majority of those products have one law suit or another out there pending, then they change one ingredient, change the packaging and put it back on the shelves and promote it as the latest fad. Stop the fucking madness of trying to get quick fixes for a problem that took years of bad habits to create!


I am so damn thankful I got my shit together when I did and not later on down the road when I could have been facing even more serious problems and preventable disease – not only from using products like that but from leading an unhealthy lifestyle.


All of this bullshit has unfortunately caused the idea that if you’re leading a healthy lifestyle you must be eating rabbit food all day, you must be sad, hating life even though your size 6 dress fits, and that you really must suffer from a life of deprivation. Soooo you keep eating the fast food, the sweets, the soda and all the other chemical shit storms in pretty packages and you remain stuck in a body that you hate and that is slowly dying. If you could be in my shoes and feel how amazing I feel when I consistently workout and eat healthy, you’d adopt this lifestyle and say ‘peace out fucker’ to that old life you had.


I know it isn’t easy, hell, I know the struggles it takes to commit and be consistent because you MUST change your mindset or this will never work. For most of us eating is emotional. When something bad happens or you’re stressed, bored, watching TV, spending time with family, celebrating a holiday – it’s always centered on eating. Food is your solution to everything. You need to learn to not use food as your go to solution and find positive solutions instead. That can be healthy food choices that still taste amazing, that can be some physical activity like exercise, a hike, swimming, a walk, yoga, whatever you enjoy. It can be listening to music, reading, whatever makes you really happy and doesn’t just simulate happiness in your brain for 20 minutes until you need another hit.


The solution for losing weight and leading a healthy life that prevents all those diseases so many of us are suffering from these days must NOT be looked at as dieting, it absolutely must be looked at as a lifestyle. Which means, don’t start doing ANYTHING that you don’t think you can maintain for the rest of your life! So in other words, commit to working out 30 minutes every day, commit to healthy food choices that taste good and that you could see yourself eating years from now. Don’t start a workout program that requires you to be in the gym for 3 hours every day, don’t start a meal plan that requires you to eat plain rice cakes for three meals a day, don’t start taking supplements and quick fixes that don’t have 100% healthy and safe ingredients.


Wrap your head around this example, because I heard this recently and it really hit home. Vegans live a lifestyle by choice, most often for ethical reasons right? Vegetarians live a lifestyle by choice, also most often for ethical reasons right? Those who have diagnosed celiac disease live a gluten-free lifestyle out of necessity right? Well a vegan isn’t going to go binge on a big fat juicy burger because it goes against their lifestyle and what they stand for. A person with celiac disease isn’t going to go binge on bread unless it’s gluten-free because they know they’ll suffer the side effects.


You need to get it in your mind that living a healthy lifestyle is so damn important to your health and wellbeing, !!!!!!because it is!!!!!!!!! that you are 100% committed to putting in your mouth the best fuel possible and that you are committed to some form of activity every day because your life depends on it. BECAUE IT DOES! Get rid of the excuses that it’s a special occasion, or that you’re tired, or whatever and find a positive solution.

This doesn’t mean living a life of deprivation, I am 100% sugar free I will NEVER eat something with processed sugar and by any of its other names because I was an addict and I know the consequences. BUT, I did make an almond cake with chocolate frosting for New Year’s because it’s a healthy alternative with healthy ingredients. Find the healthy alternatives for your favorite foods and realize there is never an excuse valid enough for putting toxic shit in your mouth.


You wouldn’t put gas in a diesel truck would you? Every time you want to eat crap, you are putting gas in your diesel truck. Over time, that truck isn’t going to function anymore, it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars to fix it and it’ll never be the same. Well YOUR BODY, the only ONE body you are given, is the EXACT SAME.