As most of you know, Jeremy and I are really passionate about dogs and animal welfare in general. After we moved here two years ago we adopted as soon as we settled into a long-term rental. We brought Lucy with us from Colorado and shortly before we moved Lilee had passed, so we planned to adopt a ‘sato’ as soon as possible.


A ‘sato’ is a Puerto Rican mixed breed dog or street dog and there are THOUSANDS of them on the island. We saw the abuse and abandonment problem here when we eloped and spent our honeymoon in Puerto Rico back in 2013 and it was heart breaking. When we got home from our trip I reached out to rescues to learn more about the problem and eventually stumbled across a documentary called ‘100,000’ and interviewed the producer for an article I wrote. What I got out of that is that not only is the issue a difference in history and culture but a lack of awareness about the importance of proper animal care and spay & neuter. (You can click here to watch the documentary.) Please check it out and spread the word – awareness is HUGE!


After we got our new sato, Jade settled in, we started to foster dogs when we could. Usually, fostering here means taking care of a puppy or abandoned adult dog while they receive vet care to recover from any issues, get their vaccinations, while they heal from spay or neuter and then most often they are sent to the states to another rescue or to their forever home. Many of the rescued puppies don’t stay on the island, there are just too many and not enough acceptable homes willing to adopt. Litters of puppies are dumped on the beaches EVERY DAY somewhere on the island.


We really enjoyed fostering and helping Animal Rescue Foundation of Rincon when we could over the last two years, but then we fostered Emma, and that was a total foster failure! We adopted sweet Emma and are now the proud parents of two satos plus our Lucy Bug. Now that we have three dogs in the house, we are unable to continue to foster, so Jeremy and I were talking the other day about how we could continue to support ARF of Rincon.


We do little things here and there but I know one thing they need is donations to help with spay & neuter clinics, vaccination clinics, veterinary bills in general, for food and for transportation costs to the states. Knowing this is a big need for them, we’ve decided to start donating a portion of my income from Beachbody to ARF of Rincon, whether that be as a check to help with their bills or by purchasing supplies and food for them. Each month I want to focus on something different and it is my BIG goal for 2016 to at some point this year sponsor a spay & neuter and vaccination clinic for them. Wouldn’t that be awesome!?! I know with your help, we can make this happen later this year!


For March I am donating $10 in YOUR name for every combo pack (fitness program + Shakeology) sold and $5 for every fitness program sold. I hope that this not only inspires you to get healthy and fit for you and your family, but inspires you to support ARF of Rincon and their mission here in Puerto Rico.


I know that animal welfare is a huge issue in the states as well, but honestly, it’s on a whole other level here on the island and they NEED help. If anything, you can donate to them directly by clicking here.


If you are interested in Getting Fit for Fido by purchasing a fitness program and getting started on your own journey to a healthier life by using these awesome tools to reach your goals, please let me know and I will help you pick the right program for your needs, goals and abilities. No better time then NOW to get started, especially with summer right around the corner. I have another challenge starting March 21st and I would love for you to join us! I provide all my challengers with support, motivation, accountability, recipes and meal plans in my fun fitness community.

If you are interested, please CLICK HERE to fill out this form and let me know! You can email ( or private message me as well. I look forward to hearing from you!


If this isn’t something you can do or want to do, please spread the word and share so we can help ARF of Rincon save more dogs! THANK YOU!